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Udemy – Mechanical Engineering Design – The Ultimate Course 2024

Udemy – Mechanical Engineering Design – The Ultimate Course 2024

Mechanical Engineering Design Course – The Ultimate Course. Our world is full of machines, from toasters to smartphones, farm equipment to cars and satellites. Our lives are shaped by these machines and how they are designed. Regardless of their size or purpose, all of these machines are precisely designed for specific tasks and rely on essential mechanical elements to function effectively. In this course, you will learn everything about the design theory of mechanical machines and the constituent elements of their mechanism. This course covers everything from design theory to mechanics of materials, stress analysis theory to design of mechanical elements to a basic introduction to design tools such as computer aided design and finite element analysis. The course covers the following topics, divided into three sections, each covering a separate sub-discipline of mechanical design engineering.

The first part of design theory and mechanics of materials
Fundamentals of mechanical design engineering
Engineering materials
Stress analysis
Failure prevention for static loading
Failure prevention for dynamic loading
Part 2, design of machine elements
Design of rotating shafts
Design of non-permanent connections
Design of permanent joints
Bearing design
Gear design
Drive belt design
Section 3 Design tools
Computer aided design with SolidWorks
Finite element analysis with ANSYS
What you will learn in Mechanical Engineering Design – The Ultimate Course
You will learn the basic theory behind the meaning of design and mechanical design
You will get acquainted with the theory of engineering materials and how they behave in certain conditions
You will learn the theory and process of performing stress and strain analysis
You will learn the theories behind mechanical loading
You will learn mechanical theories for dynamic loading or fatigue
You will learn how to determine basic mechanical elements
You will learn how to analyze and design mechanical shafts
You will learn how to analyze and design permanent fasteners such as bolts and screws
You will learn how to analyze and design roller bearings
You will learn how to analyze and design different types of gears
You will learn the basics of computer aided design using Solidworks
You will learn how to apply finite element analysis to your designs using ANSYS
This course is suitable for people who
Mechanical engineering students want to learn the theory and practice of mechanical design.
Mechanical engineers seek to renew their theory behind mechanical design.
Anyone who wants to learn how to design mechanical machine elements.
Specifications of the Mechanical Engineering Design course – The Ultimate Course
Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer: Umair Ahmad Khan
Training level: beginner to advanced
Training duration: 18 hours and 37 minutes
Number of courses: 82

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